Aerial Technique & Conditioning

Aerial Technique & Conditioning


Need to acquire strength, endurance, and better form for increased athleticism on the pole? This is authentic training at its finest! This is accomplished by combining progressive, endurance-building aerial drills and exercises that focus on how to integrate smooth and expert aerial transitions. These drills are specially designed for better inverts, aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, climbing, and aerial transitions. And we get to work: biceps; triceps; all points of your shoulders; upper back, abs & obliques and the often-over-sighted hip flexors and adductors! Proper lateral breathing is emphasized for smooth and powerful aerial transitions. By incorporating these exercises and drills on a daily regime, learning new elements become easier! Imperative fundamentals of ballet are also incorporated to create the long and beautiful lines that a pole dancer needs. We can’t wait to share these new drills with YOU!


  • Thursday, February 20th & 27th at 7:30pm
  • Prerequisites: Students should at least be at a level working toward their inversions. This is a great class also for more advanced students as well as instructors to check and correct technique!
  • Students can sign-up here: