Chair Series

Chair Series with Michula Nunez!

Chair can be an incredibly fun apparatus to dance and play with.  Let’s get off the pole and focus on another favorite apparatus – the CHAIR! The chair is gaining momentum in our pole dance world! Mikey is a master of the chair and creating choreography that is stunning and fun to execute!  Join us on Thursdays for a night of fun!  Make sure to reserve your chair!michula1

Michula, affectionately known in the pole world as “Mikey,” is a native Californian who grew up doing competitive gymnastics and cross-country running. She began instructing pole dancing in 2002. She opened her own studio in 2007 and ran her world-famous studio for just a little over a decade. She has just made a permanent move to the Central Coast after closing her studio and is excited to bring her instructional expertise to Ultimate Pole. She brings a wide range of skill-set in training/teaching both traditional and alternative fitness classes.  Power Pole, Pole Conditioning and Technique, Acro Pole and Flow, and Sexy and Acro Chair are some of her specialties! She is passionate about pole and your aerial progress! Mikey is beginning her instructorship at Ultimate Pole with an array of chair classes!


  • Thursdays 7:30-9pm
  •  Class Pack Options: $30 drop-in, or $55 for each 2 week series.  For those students interested in taking her 3 week series in October, the cost is only $80.  Currently enrolled pole students can add the chair series for $75 in October!!
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  • Sexy ChairThursday, Oct.7th & 14th, 7:30-9pm:  Sexy Chair is a choreography-based class in which we use a chair instead of a pole as our apparatus in combination with exotic floor work. This non-pole alternative class is choreography-based composing of sexy poses, fillers slides, crawls, and basic shoulder stands and rolls! We will be focusing on the flow that makes authentic exotic dancing so visually captivating. You will develop both flexibility, core strength, and coordination that you can apply to your other classes at Ultimate Pole! The best part? This class will help equip you with confidence to work in the exotic dance technique on the pole!
    Open to students of all levels and abilities!  Bring: pole shorts, platform heels with over-the-knee socks/leg warmers/knee pads to make sliding easier.
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  • Sexy Chair & Pole Sept 28th & Oct. 26th, 7:30-9pm:  The best combination of apparatus – the chair AND pole? And add sexy to it? Yes, please! This class combines spins, acro elements using the chair/pole, sexy poses, and fillers for an amazing routine! We will focus on the flow that makes authentic exotic dancing so visually captivating – graceful and sexy transitions along with the ‘noise-makers’ and ‘money-makers’! You will increase your overall pole dancing skills, confidence as a dancer/performer, flexibility, and core strength! Prerequisites: Students should be at a level comfortable with their basic invert on the poleBring those heels, pole shorts, and knee pads!
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