Welcome to Ultimate Pole!

Many are typically surprised to find out that pole has been in our Gilroy community since 2005, where we initially started as Ultimate Cardio. Then, a few years later, when life took a different path for the previous owner, we became Ultimate Pole and evolved into what we have become today.  Yes, we are proud to be one of the original pole studios in the United States!  As a result, the instruction here is based upon years of experience with pole, dance, aerial, and acrobatics.  Utilizing this, we will help students build a solid foundation with safe, informative, and fun classes.  We celebrate all levels, body types, genders and ethnicities!  So, whether your goal is to be a happy hobbyist, or develop your skills in becoming a competitor, we will help you along that journey!

Floor Flow, Strength Training, Flexibility Work, Pole






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