Our Team

Shawn (Instructor)

Shawn had her first introduction to pole dance when an opportunity to take classes came up in college. Some years after returning home, she found Ultimate Pole and continued her pole journey with her best friend. She quickly fell in love with this unique, fun style of fitness. Not only did her strength and skills in tricks grow over the years, but also her friendships, and her passion for movement and fitness. In this time she ended up overhauling her career path and shifted into the health and fitness arena, first as a massage therapist and later to a movement and performance trainer. As a movement professional and instructor she values developing strong foundational skills, movement efficiency, and the importance of self care and play. She has since expanded her own play to include aerial silks and Lyra and has been working on personalizing her style as a dancer and artist. Having fun, enjoying the experience, and watching others grow is her favorite part of being in the pole and aerial industry.

Tanya aka Beastie (Instructor)

Beastie, or as you may know her, Tanya, started pole dancing in 2015 with the only dance
experience coming from school talent shows and those awkward school dances. She fell in love
with pole as an outlet to let her sexy side come out in a shame-free environment. And when
she bought a pair of heels, there was no turning back.
With a competitive streak and passion for choreographing, Beastie started putting her skills to
the test in several pole competitions. She brings a sassy attitude to her personal dance genre
that focuses on feeling like a badass within and letting the rebel shine in her movement.
Her mission is to provide a space where dancers can let there guard down & have fun!
Be prepared to leave her classes feeling sweaty and on top of the world.

Michula aka Mikey (Instructor)

Michula (aka Mikey) is a native Californian who has been teaching pole fitness since 2001 and is considered reverently as an official “OG”. She grew up doing competitive gymnastics and cross-country running. After teaching elementary math and science for 8 years, she knew she could make a bigger impact bridging her love for science and education into fitness. At the time, pole dance was still a taboo, she decided to pursue her career as a pole trainer. Being one of the first pioneers in the pole industry, she was soon invited to teach and perform on international stages. She produced and hosted several first nationally-renowned pole dance showcases and competitions that allowed male competitors as well as doubles in the pole dance history. Until today, she continues to teach workshops around the world and teaches classes at local studios. Mikey is super excited to share her wealth of knowledge with everyone who has passion for pole fitness.

Malena (Owner / Instructor)

Malena is a Gilroy native and began her movement journey as a competitive gymnast and dancer. After leaving the Gilroy area to pursue her educational degrees, she continued enjoying jazz and contemporary dance while also diversifying her background to extend into belly dancing, salsa, flamenco, and hip-hop. During her time away, she became involved in several performance troupes (UC Santa Cruz Jazz Repertoire, Women’s Ensemble Theater, Motion Pacific Jazz Troupe, Sahar’s Serpentine Dancers, Washington State Jazz Repertoire). After completing her degrees, she returned to the Gilroy region 11 years later. It was during her return home in 2005, that she discovered pole and aerial, which quickly became a passion of hers. She became an instructor of Ultimate Cardio, and eventually the owner of Ultimate Pole when the previous owner stepped away. Being a true OG of pole, Malena has enjoyed watching the evolution of pole and appreciates it in all of its various styles, though her style is known for it’s fluid, wavey, sensual movement. She loves watching students grow and gain confidence both in life and in their ability.