Class Schedule / Class Details



Santa Clara County COVID-19 guidelines now allows for in-person private and semi-private lessons!  Contact us to schedule your training time, or continue joining us for some online time by signing-up below:

  • To see more details about our classes, simply click on the class in the calendar above.  Progression to pole levels 2-4 are available to those students which have mastered the beginning level and is based upon instructor approval only.  Students with previous pole experience, please contact the studio in order to discuss your most appropriate level placement.  Open Pole is available to those students which have taken one or more pole classes.  It is offered as a practice session only, as no formal instruction is provided during this class.  Students are responsible for their own warm-up for open pole.  Our Floor work class is multi-level, so beginners are definitely welcome!
  • Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early for parking and check in.
  • Clothing / Attire:  For pole students, you will want to wear shorts that allow you to grip the pole with your inner thigh.  Stilettos are not required, but can make it more fun!  In the Floor work class, long legwarmers or long pants are suggested, along with knee pads.  Heels are welcome!  If you choose not to wear heels, please bring a long pair of socks.
  • No watches, rings, bracelets, as it will scratch the poles.
  • No lotions or oils as this will make it too slippery.
  • Students ages 18 and over only                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • If the above times do not work with your schedule, please contact us for private training.  We can arrange a time and date for personal training, or for a group of you!

**Certified by:  International Pole Sports Federation (Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics) and Discoveries Dance Pole Instructor Training (approved by the Pole Fitness Association and Pole Dance Community Teacher Training).**


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